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Kryptek H.A.R.D. Lanyard

Kryptek H.A.R.D. Lanyard

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Kong® Tango Carabiner

  • Aluminum carabiner with double gate safety system
  • Protected rear gate 
  • Fitted with Keylock system
  • Certified to meet NFPA 1983/2006 edition standards.
  • Certified according to the UNIEN ISO 9001 standard.
  • Rated to 7425 lbs (33kN)


Sterling Rope (FireTech 2) 

  • Diameter - 7.5 mm
  • Minimum Break Strength - 22 kN
  • Sheath/Core Material - Technora/Technora


Sterling Rope (RIT 900)

  • Diameter - 6.8 mm
  • Minimum Break Strength - 18.4 kN
  • Sheath/Core Material - Twaron/Twaron


This H.A.R.D. Lanyard is used in conjunction with safety belt during operations in aircraft with passenger seats removed for ground dismounted users. Safety belt and lanyards (SB&L) provides restraint of the wearer to reduce the chances of injury in the event of an accident, or while moving from the mobility platform in the event of an accident or while maneuvering. The SBL is not designed as a fall arrest or climbing system.This product is not intended to be used for treestand hunting. The Kong® aluminum carabiner allows for easy release from the harness or belt. Additionally, the carabiner utilizes a double gate system for added safety. This lanyard is equipped with one snap hook and one plunger pin clasp shackle. The lanyard is composed of Sterling FireTech 2 and Sterling RIT 900 Rope and is Berry Compliant.

The Textile Material Evaluation Team at Combat Capabilities Development Command – Soldier Center evaluated twenty (20) adjustable Safety Lanyards to verify length, hardware functionality and characteristics, markings, static/proof load, and failure Load after environmental weathering and conditioning.



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